Complex control, simplified, with ReefSync®

Effortlessly share and control your reef equipment independently, or network devices together, regardless of their manufacturer.  Fully controlled from your phone, computer or a compatible aquarium controller.

Interfaces and Controllers

From monitoring your water quality through to managing complex multi-aquarium installations, ReefX® interfaces and controllers put complex control simply at your fingertips

Coral Propagation

We manufacture and supply a range of coral propagation products to help your fragging get off on the right start.


Find out about our unique learning calcium reactor that adapts as your reef aquarium grows, including our custom-build reactors.

Ethical Reefkeeping

Every reefkeeper damages our coral reefs, but sometimes a little damage can do a lot of good.

An interactive story exploring ethical reefkeeping and how we can protect and support some of the most unique, diverse and at-risk habitats we share our planet with.

Reefkeeping needn’t cost the Earth.

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